Winnetou Le Mescalero, Part 1 (1980)
De Sable et de Sang (Of Blood and Sand)
Intertel - Antenne 2 (France)
Director Marcel Camus
Original Story Karl May
Screenwriters Jean-Claude Deret, Jean Gérard
Producer Otto Fisher
Music Peter Thomas
Cinematography Pierre Petit, León Sánchez
Winnetou Pierre Brice
Old Shatterhand Siegfried Rauch
Tashunko Eric Do (Eric Do Hieu)
Sam Hawkens Ralf Wolter
Lieutenant Robert Merril Arthur Brauss
Napoleon Charbonneau Jean-Claude Deret
Ambrose Leopoldo Francés
Sammy Cook José Antonio Marros
Chief Paiute Noé Murayama
Winona Ana Laura Maldonado (Ana Laura)
Skerbeck Carlos East
Vincent Roger Cudney
Nalin Vincent Monica Miguel
Peter Vincent Jesús Álvaro
Yaqui Miguel Ángel Fuentes
Chihuahua Ignacio Martinez
Captain Stone Ramón Menéndez
Major Turner Gérard Buhr
Lobo Dent René Barrera
Little Lobo Armando Soya
Stevens Jacques François
Fowler Chad Hastings
Wetatoni Elpidia Carrillo
Hehaka Pa Jorge Reynoso
Hehaka Win Rosenda Monteros
Mother Aurora Clavel
Old Cheyenne Salvador Godínez
Sergeant Hount Rodrigo Puebla
Robinson Reto Babst
Bessette Antonio Zubiaga
Mortimer Carlos Cámara
Fatty Morrison Luis Guevara
Sergeant Miller Gerardo Moscoso
McKenna Jesús Gómez
Gottlieb George Segal
Barbier Richard Duffour
Magic Man Mario Luraschi
Vittorio Jose Vicente Huerta
Old Bear Vicente Lara (as Vincente Lara)
A group of bandits, led by Sammy Cook, kidnapped a young half-breed Arapaho named Little Bear. The indians, with the help of Winnetou and Big Bear, are close on their heels. The kidnappers hide in an old ruin and open fire upon the rescue party. Winnetou gets away, but is seriously injured.

Napoleon Charbonneau, a travelling fotographer, finds the unconscious Apache Chief and takes his picture. When he finds that Winnetou is still alive, he takes him with him, but he is stopped by Paiutes, a nomad tribe. Napoleon tries convince them that he didn't have anything to do with the shooting.

When Old Shatterhand shows up, the misunderstanding is finally setteld. He takes Winnetou back to the Paiute camp to take care of him and he manages to get the bullet out of Winnetou's thigh. The bad guys however are still after Winnetou, and the fight continues, this time the Chief gets help from the Paiutes.

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Of Blood and Sand, opening scenes
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