Unter Geiern (1964)
Among Vultures / Frontier Hellcat
Constantin Film - Rialto Film Preben Philipsen - Jadran Film
Director Alfred Vohrer
Second Unit Director Stipe Delic
Original Story Karl May
Screenwriters Eberhard Keindorff, Johanna Sibelius
Producer Horst Wendlandt
Music Martin Böttcher
Cinematography Karl Löb
Film Editing Hermann Haller
Winnetou Pierre Brice
Old Surehand Stewart Granger
Annie Elke Sommer
Leader Renato Baldini
Baumann Sr. Walter Barnes
Martin Baumann Götz George
Baker Jr. Terence Hill (Mario Girotti)
Wokadeh Gojko Mitic
Weller Miha Baloh
Preston Sieghardt Rupp
Gordon Louis Velle
Stewart Voja Miric
Milton Stole Arandjelovic
Miller Djordje Nenadovic (George Heston)
Betsy Dunja Rajter
Bloomfield Dusan Bulajic
Jackie Ilija Ivezic
Rod Davor Antolic
Bill Mirko Kraljev
Fred Boris Dvornik
Jimmy Milan Micic
Bob Joza Seb
Schoschone Sime Jagarinac
Wokadeh's sister Gordana Cosic
Old Wabble Milan Srdoc (Paddy Fox)
Baker Sr. Vladimir Medar (uncredited)
Jemmy Vladimir Bacic (uncredited)
Joe Dragomir 'Gidra' Bojanic (uncredited)
Davy Mirko Boman (uncredited)
Track Boy Marinko Cosic (uncredited)
Winnetou (voice) Thomas Eckelmann (uncredited)
Old Surehand (voice) Heinz Engelmann (uncredited)
Annie (voice) Margot Léonard (uncredited)
Leader (voice) Siegfried Schürenberg (uncredited)
Baumann Sr. (voice) Arnold Marquis (uncredited)
Baker Jr. (voice) Joachim Pukaß (uncredited)
Wokadeh (voice) Michael Chevalier (uncredited)
Weller (voice) Claus Holm (uncredited)
Gordon (voice) Lothar Blumhagen (uncredited)
Stewart (voice) Heinz Petruo (uncredited)
Milton (voice) Gerd Duwner (uncredited)
Bloomfield (voice) Jürgen Thormann (uncredited)
Jackie (voice) Gerd Martienzen (uncredited)
Rod (voice) Peter Schiff (uncredited)
Bill (voice) Thomas Danneberg (uncredited)
Fred (voice) Claus Jurichs (uncredited)
Old Wabble (voice) Hugo Schrader (uncredited)
Baker Sr. (voice) Eduard Wandrey (uncredited)
Continuing in the tradition of previous German-made westerns based on the books of Karl May, this later entry can't hold a candle to earlier films such as "The Treasure of Silver Lake". This one has Granger as leading man who has occasional moments of wit and presence. He is joined (as in most all of these films) by Brice as Apache Chief Winnetou. The chemistry between the two doesn't quite match that of Brice and Granger's predecessor Lex Barker (who played a different character, but the roles are very similar).

The plot involves Granger and Brice setting out to discover who murdered a frontier mother and daughter. The surviving father blames the Indians while Brice feels that it was a gang of thieves called The Vultures. In the mix is Sommer who is en route to see her father and is wearing a belt filled with gold. The son of the murdered family (George) finds himself falling for her as he investigates the murders along with Granger and Brice.

Most fun is seeing George bounce all over the place as if he has springs in his boots. No American western ever had anyone quite so gymnastic in his approach to action scenes. (Also note that, perhaps due to a European sensibility, the men in these films seem to touch each other so much more often than in American westerns. Look for it, it's really unusual.) The film does not have the style, energy or vividness of the earlier works, but it comes to life briefly during a pretty rousing "circle the wagons" stand off and an interlude at an Indian camp at which Granger has to prove his word to a disbelieving chief.

For more info visit IMDb at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058709/

Unter Geiern, opening scene
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