Der Schatz im Silbersee (1962)
The Treasure of Silver Lake
Constantin Film - Rialto Film Preben Philipsen - Jadran Film
Director Harald Reinl
Second Unit Director Radenko Ostojic
Original Story Karl May
Screenwriter Harald G. Petersson
Producers Horst Wendlandt, Leif Feilberg
Music Martin Böttcher
Cinematography Ernst W. Kalinke
Film Editing Hermann Haller
Production Design Dusan Jericevic
Winnetou Pierre Brice
Old Shatterhand Lex Barker
Sam Hawkens Ralf Wolter
Colonel Brinkley Herbert Lom
Fred Engel Götz George
Ellen Patterson Karin Dor
Lord Castlepool Eddi Arent
Mrs. Butler Marianne Hoppe
Gunstick Uncle Mirko Boman
Patterson Sima Janicijevic (Jan Sid)
Grosser Wolf Jozo Kovacevic
Rollender Donner Slobodan Dimitrijevic
Doc Jefferson Hartley Branko Spoljar
Knox Milivoj Stojanovic
Woodward Velemir Chytil (Velemir Hitil)
Hilton Ilija Ivezic
Chief Osagen Sime Jagarinac (uncredited)
Saloon-Wirt Vladimir Medar (uncredited)
Bruns Antun Nalis (uncredited)
Winnetou (voice) Herbert Stass (uncredited)
Old Shatterhand (voice) Horst Niendorf (uncredited)
Narrator (voice) Rolf Mamero (uncredited)
Gunstick Uncle (voice) Gerd Martienzen (uncredited)
Patterson (voice) Erwin Linder (uncredited)
Woodward (voice) Benno Gellenbeck (uncredited)
Hilton (voice) Hans-Walter Clasen (uncredited)
Hartley (voice) Josef Dahmen (uncredited)
Knox (voice) Rudolf Fenner (uncredited)
Großer Wolf (voice) Uwe Friedrichsen (uncredited)
This was the very first movie to receive the "Golden Screen" (Goldene Leinwand) for having over 3 million visitors within 12 months. It was awarded on 22 January 1964 at the Mathäser-Filmpalast, Munich. The movie also received the Bambi-award 1963 as best box-office-production, handed over on 19 April 1964 at the Schwarzwaldhalle, Karlsruhe. The movie also received a sum of 200.000 DM from the Federal Ministry of the Interior in 1963 as movie-prize. The main title by composer Martin Böttcher, the "Old Shatterhand-Melodie" was the most successful track in German hitparades in the 1960s, stayed there for several months and sold over 100.00 copies. For that time that was very unusual, espcecially for a filmmusic-track without any singers. The music was played by members of the symphony-orchestra of the NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk i.e. North German Radio). The theme was later recorded as a vocal track by several artists, including a version by actor Pierre Brice (Winnetou). The set-location was in former Yugoslavia (that doesn't have any Alps, as some foreign critics seem to believe). "Der Schatz im Silbersee" was the first film of a novel by German author Karl May, set in the American West.
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Der Schatz im Silbersee, opening scene
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