Lex Barker
Old Shatterhand
Born: May 8, 1919 - Rye, New York, USA (Died: May 11, 1973)
Lex Barker (born Alexander Crichlow Barker Jr.) was a direct descendant of the founder of Rhode Island, Roger Williams, and of Sir 'William Henry Crichlow', historical governor-general of Barbados. He excelled in football and track at Fessenden School and Phillips-Exeter Academy. He went to Princeton but left to become an actor. A year later he was spotted in summer stock and received a contract offer from 20th Century-Fox. Barker is best known as the tenth actor to play Tarzan in the movies, beginning with Tarzan's Magic Garden (1949) and ending with Tarzan and the She-Devil (1953). He starred in nearly thirty movies in the 1940s and 1950s. During this time he enlisted to fight in World War II and eventually rose to the rank of Major.

In 1957, as he found it harder and harder to find work in American films, Lex moved to Europe and found popularity and starred in over forty European films, especially in Germany. There he also starred in two movies based on the Doctor Mabuse-stories (formerly filmed by Fritz Lang) and in 13 movies based on novels by German author Karl May (1842-1912). There he was playing the characters of Old Shatterhand, Kara Ben Nemsi and Dr. Sternau.

He even recorded a single with the composer of some of the Karl May movie soundtracks, Martin Boettcher, in German language. The tracks are named "Ich bin morgen auf dem Weg zu dir" (I'll be on the way to you tomorrow) and "Mädchen in Samt und Seide" (Girls in Velvet and Silk). The co-star in some of Barker's Karl May movies, French actor Pierre Brice, also recorded in German language and even managed to get some CDs of his own.

In 1966 Barker was awarded with the Bambi Award as Best Foreign Actor in Germany. He married five times: Constanze Thurlow (1942 - 1950), Arlene Dahl (1951 - 1952), Lana Turner (1953 - 1957), Irene Labhardt (1957 - 1962), Maria del Carmen Cervera (1965 - 1972). He was engaged at the time of his death to actress Karen Kondazian.

Barker continued to work in films until his last appearance in 1967's "Woman Times Seven". He died three days after his 54th birthday of a heart attack in New York City. His son Christopher Barker also became an actor.

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