Harald Reinl
Born: July 9, 1908 - Bad Ischl, Austria (Died: October 9, 1986)
Harald Reinl was born in 1908 in Bad Ischl, Austria. Before his film career, he studied studied Law in Innsbruck. An avid skier, he appeared in Arnold Fanck's mountain films, including "Stuerme ueber dem Mont Blanc", "Der weisse Rausch", as well as "Abenteuer in Engadin". He was Leni Riefenstahl's assistant on her film "Tiefland".

He had his directorial debut with the short "Zehn Jahre Spaeter" in 1948 followed by his first feature, "Bergkristall", in 1949. He made well over 60 films in the span of his career, but is perhaps most well-known for his famous "Winnetou" trilogy. His film "Errinerungen an die Zukunft" (Chariots of the Gods, 1970) was nominated for an Academy Award in the category Best Documentary. He was stabbed to death by his wife in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain on October 9, 1986.

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